Square Peg ● Round Hole







Sometimes I wonder how I am able to function in society. My lack of brain power hinders seemingly easy tasks and I am left shaking my head while I silently mutter to myself like a crazy person. For example, I made a reservation at a hotel for Brian and Bailey. They are headed to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the state Special Olympics softball tournament. The hotel was fine but his best friend would be at another one, so I opted to switch. Simple, right? This is me, so it has to be extra complicated.

After securing a new reservation and cancelling the other one, I felt accomplished. I was thrilled that I could fulfill Bailey’s request. Yesterday, for some unknown reason, I click on the reservation residing in my email. There it was taunting me. I made a reservation in Bowling Green, Ohio, not Kentucky. Nice. In my defense…..okay, I don’t have one. Actually, I did this right after I donated blood, so maybe that is a good enough excuse.

Anyway, I am back to square one as I search for a room again. It’s slim pickings and I can’t get the hotel where Bailey’s best friend is staying. As I peruse the hotels, I find a Holiday Inn Express that is available, but only for one night. Ugh. I secure it and make sure it says “Bowling Green, Kentucky”, and pray that they don’t have a Friday night game.

Mindfulness. That’s the lesson here. I have a lot on my plate and obviously, I am easily distracted. I am just grateful that I caught it before Brian showed up at a hotel where he didn’t have a reservation. While that would have been more material for my blog, I think having his head pop off would not be worth it.