Square Peg ● Round Hole







It’s been over a week since I have written anything. It’s literally a case of “I’ve got nothing”. I think it should be a real medical condition. Anyway, my brain has been blank and I am in a state of being uninspired. Some call it writer’s block. I prefer to think of it as my imagination is on strike. It is currently trying to negotiate a more vibrant workplace. Good luck. My imagination is going to need it. I am on the path of trying to get my shit together.

Part of this might be caused all the changes in my life. My mother dying. Preparing my childhood home to be sold. Watching decades of memories walk out the door. I am not sharing this to be coddled. I don’t want pity. What I crave is to stop feeling like everything is so heavy. I feel disconnected from everyone and everything. Sure, I know this will pass, but being in the thick of it is painful.

I have decided that outside help is in order. Realizing that I can’t do this without an impartial individual who isn’t emotionally connected to me. Anyone, who reaches for outside help is brave. I think we spend a lot of time labeling those who struggle with mental health. My mental well-being is just as important as my physical health. Actually, it might be more important because if I am not emotionally healthy, it will eventually affect me physically.

Life is a journey of self-discovery. I am still learning and growing. In order to move forward and heal, I simply need to be honest with myself. I am cracked, not shattered. I will heal. It just takes time.