Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am sure all of us can remember exactly where we were when the landscape of our country changed on 9/11. The intensity of emotions. The paralyzing fear that our country would never survive. I remember the days and months following that horrendous act of terrorism. The unification of our country was heightened. People gathered together. They supported one another. Our country rallied. When we say “never forget”, I hate to point out the obvious, but we have.

We have forgotten, friends. Instead, while our country is being ravished by COVID and social injustices, we have chosen to fight over everything. Somewhere, on our journey, we got lost. We lost our ability to rally together in a crisis. It’s truly exhausting. Of course, I have my own opinion. Get the Vaccine. Wear a mask. Be a part of the solution. It’s simple. Not everyone agrees with that, and while I can’t wrap my head around that notion, I am mindful that I am not powerful enough to change anyone’s mind.

What we have forgotten is how to be kind. To be compassionate. To accept how someone else thinks, even if we don’t agree with it. I’m still working on that. It is a daily struggle.

I just want to point out that we can get back to that place. It’s a long road. We are fractured not shattered. We can heal. It’s a choice. What will you choose?