Square Peg ● Round Hole







Don’t you adore when your time is wasted? Whether it’s sitting at the doctor’s office or waiting for someone who is late, the feeling is frustrating. Well, welcome to my world last week. I did my Census like the good little rule follower that I am. Imagine my surprise when I was selected to complete this ridiculous, in-depth, questionnaire as a follow-up. How much more information do they need?

When they sent my “invitation” with the encouraging words “you are legally bound to complete this”, I quickly set aside the time to click the link and complete the task. The link didn’t work. Seriously. The letter did stipulate that if it wasn’t completed, a paper copy would be sent. Awesome. More government waste.

Last week I received the anthology of questions which said that it would take forty minutes. By now you are probably imagining the colorful words spewing out of my mouth. Same questions for everyone in your household. I’m just grateful that I didn’t have a slew of children, because there were questions for up to twelve people. Jesus. Take. The. Wheel. The only questions missing were how many times do you use the bathroom and what type of underwear do you prefer. Forty-five minutes later – took my five minutes more because I actually did need to use the restroom and I was trying to not lose my mind – I got the envelope ready and proceeded to put the bulky questionnaire in its rightful place. Actually, its rightful place would be the trash, but since I am such a rule following troll, I opted for the envelope. Anyway, I did add a post-it note asking a very important question, “Who will be reimbursing me the time I lost completing this ridiculous questionnaire?”.

I am currently waiting for a response, but I won’t hold my breath.