Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you are a frequent flyer of my blog entries, you know that I was practicing six feet of social distancing before it was trendy. In true transparency, I enjoy miles of distancing for most of the human race. But, this weekend I ventured out of my bubble with a few of my tribe members to a festival. A place where individuals cram together in the spirit of enjoying good food, libations, and music. In the midst of the joyful chaos, I had some suggestions for a couple of the crowd members.

To the woman who screamed that we were jaywalking…clearly you weren’t aware that the street we were crossing was, in fact, closed because of the festival. My guess is that it was your first time out in public and your social cues had evaporated because of your obvious isolation. Bless. Your. Heart.

To the woman who needs instructions on how to lock the door to the porta potty…the bar slides to the left to lock providing the message that this particular toilet is occupied. When a person, me for example, sees that the little indication is green, the common reaction is to pull the door open for use. This experience shouldn’t involve me getting an eyeful of you doing your business. There isn’t enough bleach for my eyes to erase that scene. Christ. On. A. Cracker.

To my tribe members who were with me, thank you for an excellent reboot. Despite some encounters with humans that need some assistance with their social cues, it was a great opportunity to reintroduce myself back into society. Now, I will resume my miles of social distancing until the next time.