Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am a planner. I like to know what I am doing. The unknowns make me prickly and a tad bitchy. Welcome to my current state of mind.

My youngest son is a student athletic trainer for the football team at the college he attends. Their season has been unbelievable and they are going bowling. Not the bowling where there are pins and you aim a heavy ball at them. The kind of bowling where there is weekly speculation on where teams are going to end up, and then, viola, days before they play, the results are announced and everyone scrambles to make travel plans. Yes, friends, this is the type of scenario that has taken over my life and I am obsessing over it.

What I don’t think the NCAA understands is that I need to know what the hell we are doing for the holidays. I find it grossly inconsiderate that we aren’t given more notice. I am not surrendering to their mind games. Every time there is speculation on where the team will end up, I make a hotel reservation in that city. Smart, right? The hotel reservation count is now five. They think they can win, but obviously they haven’t taken into account my level of crazy. (Insert evil cackle.)

My spouse finds me amusing, but he will appreciate my diligence when we aren’t struggling to find a place to stay. Of course, my youngest son, sarcastically stated, that it would be hilarious if it ended up not being at any of those places. Isn’t he precious? Ungrateful spawn. (Insert dramatic eye roll.)

I just want to have my ducks in a row. Right now my ducks are currently bellying up to a bar doing shots because they can’t deal with me sober.