Square Peg ● Round Hole







I imagine myself as a non-aggressive sleeper. This means I don’t invoke physical violence nor do I hog blankets. I also puff when I exhale. It’s subtle. Delicate like the willowy flower that I am . My spouse obliterated that image when he shared that I snored, I scoffed and dismissed him as the unreliable source that he sometimes happens to be. Snoring? Me? Not possible. I am a ray of sunshine awake and asleep.

One a girl’s trip, one of my soul sisters pointed out that I did, in fact, snore. She was kinder about the revelation which made me more willing to consider that I, Allison, may be a snorer. Ugh. I got the message and became more willing to hear my spouse’s experience on the subject. It is a common occurrence for him to leave our room in the middle of the night due to the excessive noise coming from my airways. Honestly, maybe he could learn to sleep a little deeper. I mean, why is it just me? Kidding. Maybe.

Because I am a loving partner, I am seeking the help of a medical professional in the hopes that I can nip this issue in the bud. Sleeping should be effortless. My spouse never has stated, “you sleep beautifully”. Nope. Just that I snore like an elephant who smokes six packs of cigarettes a day. He never said that, by the way, but it did enhance the story, right?

Look, it is human nature to not want to face some ugly truths about ourselves. I simply don’t want to believe that I could make so much noise that was powerful enough to clear a room. But, alas, that is my reality. I am embracing the snoring elephant that I am and will seek treatment to improve my husband’s sleeping experience. After all, I would hate to get a bad YELP review from him.