Square Peg ● Round Hole







On Friday, we brought home Myla. Myla is an eight week old German Shepherd. Before you ask, yes, I am crazy. We agreed to be a a foster family for her while she trains to be a service companion. Before you ask, no we will not be a foster fail. There is a woman anxiously awaiting her arrival. In the meantime, I have been catapulted into being a new mom with little sleep.

The last time we had a puppy, I was 29. I am not 29 anymore. My reflexes are slower. I get more cardio running after her than a workout video can provide. She definitely keeps me on my toes. Speaking of toes, mine happen to be an excellent chewing toy.

Fortunately, Luna, our black Lab has welcomed this tiny entity with open paws. She is an excellent big sister who is showing her the ropes. The cats, however, are likely to murder us in our sleep.

I had forgotten all the work a puppy requires, but I have no regrets. She is going to be a rock star as a service companion and I am honored to be part of the process.

In the meantime, I am more appreciative of coffee and when she sleeps.