Square Peg ● Round Hole







I finally have a little space to exhale. Myla, our German Shepherd foster, has started training and her stint as a Tasmanian devil is slowly evaporating. Meanwhile, I am no longer sleep deprived and have the ability to string together some coherent thoughts. Lucky you.

There was a nudge this morning to write about panic. You know the emotion that people devour like a box of cookies. They latch onto it like a lifeline but in reality it is a parasite ready to spread its toxin. I get it. Honestly, there is a lot to be concerned about right now, but posting your fears on various soclal media platforms, does nothing but breed anxiety for everyone else. It isn’t helpful. Then you have those delightful comments from your followers spouting misinformation. It’s fine. Really. I am just over here exercising my eyeballs. They are really toned by the way.

I thought we had learned our lesson from the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. Remember the time when we wished chronic bowel issues on those hoarders? Oh, I guess it was just me. My point is that panicking does nothing. It isn’t part of the solution and it waste a lot of time. Plus, it is super annoying to everyone else.

What if you shifted your panic to gratitude. Did I just blow your mind? If you are going to spread something on these platforms, what if it was positive? That might sound like a foreign concept, but it is effective tool that spreads goodness instead of your fears on innocent bystanders. It’s cool. You do you. I spent yesterday unfollowing people because of their lack of couth. I am thinking of adding it to my resume as a skill.

If you are going to spread something, spread love, happiness, and kindness. Panic is like an STD and nobody likes those. Choose wisely.