Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you know me well or perhaps, indulge in my blog rants, you know that my favorite word begins with F. The word, in my opinion, is so versatile. It just fits into any scenario, but this particular blog isn’t about that.

I’m old school. I have an actual calendar that I put everything in as I don’t necessarily trust technology. What if there is a mass outage and I can’t access my phone? Then I am left wondering where I am suppose to be. That sounds like a lot of stress that is above my pay grade. However, I made myself anxious with a recent addition to my vintage calendar keeping. My brain had an outage and now I am stumped.

Last week, I wrote the letter F on Tuesday and Thursday. I remember how clever I thought I was that I was abbreviating the information because I knew I could remember what I was referring to. Clearly, I have unrealistic expectations of my brain. I can’t remember why I walk into a room. I am assuming that you know what unfolded. The reality is that my cleverness resulted in me being tortured by what the F meant. I still don’t have any idea and it is making me more insane than I normally appear.

Here I am thinking that if I write about it, then my brain will deliver the answer. A burst of clarity shall shower upon me. Nope. Not happening. I suppose I will spend the rest of my life wondering what the F stands for and why I thought abbreviating it was a stellar idea. Clearly, I need a keeper.