Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you follow my blogs, you have had a front row seat for my colorful health journey. Two weeks ago, we were headed out of town when I received a voice mail stating that my sinus surgery will be cancelled. Apparently, anesthesiologists are a tad wary of touching someone who might need a vascular surgeon consultation. To be clear, I had that in the works but the appointment wasn’t going to be before my surgery. Cue my annoyance. However, with a friend who has connections, I got in to a vascular surgeon sooner, but not in time to clear me for my date with my ENT. I have Fibromuscular Dysplasia which is code for “I am Allison’s new nemesis and will grate on your last good nerve.” Kidding. Don’t Google it because it will freak you out, but honestly, as long as I maintain a healthy blood pressure and continue seeing my two BFFs – my dandy neurologist and my sassy vascular surgeon, I will live to grace everyone with my presence for a long time.

My health journey has taught me a few things about myself. First, I can walk through difficult situations and find the peace. I am not in a state of fear which is surprising since I can take any situation and fuel it with anxiety. If anything, I am skipping along with a sense of wonderment and acknowledging that I am an excellent advocate for my health. I didn’t ignore doctors who looked at me like I was crazy. I trusted my body to guide me.

I learned that I can celebrate my life even when it looks like a clogged toilet. Seriously. When I found out that I had a small stroke along with a pseudo-aneurysm, I bought a Kate Spade purse. I refer to it as my “stroke” purse. You see, I could throw myself a pity party, but I would rather reward myself for living. Oh, and the purse is precious.

What about the sinus surgery? I was cleared by my vascular surgeon to proceed. Maybe it wasn’t my place, but I questioned his decision. You see, I want my exit from this world to be interesting or at the very least, easy with no challenges. Sinus surgery is a lame way to go, in my opinion. He laughed at me. Sure, I am humorous, but I was being serious. He assured me that all is well and we will repeat the imaging in three months. Awesome.

On the plus side, I have reached my deductible, so my sinuses are getting a free experience complete with decorative tampons packed in my nose. Friends, I am living the dream.

Acceptance. Doesn’t mean I love my current health residence, but I am willing to proceed with life. I am survivor full of sass and sarcasm, who is full of gratitude that I have an amazing group of medical professionals on my team. Onward and upward, as my father used to say which is exactly what I am doing.