Square Peg ● Round Hole







I’m sure that many of you can relate to my current predicament. You have a situation that needs an expert, but the experts have no idea, so they experiment. New meds. New training methods. In case, you are confused, I am talking about Tiny Dancer aka Myla. In the ten months that she has been placed into our family, her tail chasing has escalated. On a positive note, she has nailed her Pirouette and probably should audition for a ballet company. I digress. Typical. Anyway, no one has ever seen this, so creativity is key. She is like a lovely puzzle.

After a month of “creativity” with special workers, I realized that it is up to me take charge. Ugh. It reminds me of the early years raising Bailey and the “experts” asking ME for tips on how to stop unwanted behavior. Sigh. So, here I am again contemplating what will work for her.

I decided to keep her home and work on engaging her without Luna present. Copious notes are being written in a notebook in an effort keep track of her progress. I contacted another expert to come and watch her in her own domain. You see, I have been told that it must be a problem at home since she doesn’t do it anywhere else. Bullshit. In my opinion, the reason she spins at home is that she has all this pent up anxiety and home is where she feels the most comfortable. I get it, sister. No reason to show your anxiousness to the world. Obedience training has given us a foundation, however, it is not going to solve this issue. Let’s me be clear, I am so grateful for all the willing participants trying their best to help her, but it is obvious what we have been doing isn’t working.

Luna’s solution is to shove Myla to the ground with a WWE move. Glad she is on my team of experts. Her thought process has better results than what the humans have cooked up.

I didn’t think at this point in my life, I would be homeschooling a slightly neurotic German Shepherd, yet here we are. I mastered a plan for Bailey and I have no doubt that I will figure it out for my beautiful unicorn. Stay tuned.