Square Peg ● Round Hole







Finally. A new year full of possibilities. A promise of a new beginning filled with unrealistic expectations because that is how we self-sabotage ourselves. Fuck that.

If you are a gracious follower, you already know that I have a hate-hate relationship with resolutions. They set us up for failure even before we can launch them. Seriously. When are we going to stop being gullible?

As I reflect over the outgoing year, I want to celebrate the victories. Publishing my second book. Navigating my health journey with a sense of peace and trust. Welcoming a new fur baby to our mix who has challenged me with her willfulness. I no longer look in my rear view mirror with regret. I can relish in every aspect because each moment has been an opportunity. An opportunity for growth.

Life happens for me and not to me.

I am not a victim.

Life can present challenges, it is up to me on how I react to them.

I can’t change the past, so why do I want to live there?

Other people are not responsible for my happiness.

Honestly, for me, the only promise that I make to myself, is that I spend my time looking forward. Backward glancing is just an excuse to remain stagnant. Live in the question for 2023. Be curious. Be brave. Be open. Happy New Year!