Square Peg ● Round Hole







Happy Valentine’s Day or, if you live with me, you got a resounding “Happy Thanksgiving”. Yes, my spouse chuckled at my greeting. I would love to say that the intent was garnered in gratitude, but I had yet to have my caffeine and honestly, I am not a fan of the holiday that accommodates unrealistic expectations.

The man I love is a horrendous gift giver. And before you troll me, let me just say that it took years to figure out. Maybe not figure out, but processing that all the hype wasn’t worth all the fights. We all want the fantasy. The partner that makes us swoon when they present us with the most perfect and romantic gift. Guess what? It is an illusion and I can say that because I am a romance writer. If you have that person, you are a unicorn. I am not kicking Valentine’s Day in the nuts, I am simply stating that we get caught up in the anticipation. The expectation that our significant other will rise to the occasion. Too much pressure friends. Do you know what I discovered in the process of the thirty plus years together? Everyone has a love language.

Brian’s love language is to accommodate my lengthy “Honey Do” lists where he skillful enhances our home. Can he make me a beautiful wood countertop? Check. What about a stunning screen porch? Of course, he can. How about a sliding barn door for Bailey’s room? Duh. He is the Picasso of Mr. Fix It. I get more excited over his skillful abilities than I ever would over a piece of jewelry.

And while, the sentiment is lovely layered with flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners, I prefer to have Brian’s labors of love sprinkled through our home. Everything else is simply a distant memory. Maybe my “Happy Thanksgiving” slip was more intentional than I realized.