Square Peg ● Round Hole







While I pledged to write my blog every Wednesday, somehow, Wednesday morphed into Thursday and here we are. Welcome to Thursday Thoughts where Wednesday’s words come to life. It has been a week! Recovering from my foot surgery has been hideous. Oddly enough, my foot isn’t even my problem. It is the narcotics, anesthesia, sprinkled with a touch of annoyance that resulted in six days of nausea. Don’t worry. I have kicked that shit in the ass and we are moving forward. No more nausea. Just a middle-age human pogo stick living her best life.

Of course, I have my book boyfriends keeping me company, but sometimes I get bored of them. I didn’t really need to search long for my next diversion. After all, I have been curious since the first episode dropped. Can a seventy-year-old man find love again? Of course he can. I really was tuning in to see how cringe-worthy, The Golden Bachelor would be, and boy, it didn’t disappoint.

My friend assured me that it is only the first episode that makes you respond “yikes” and I just finished it, so you will have to wait for my personal experience on that moving forward. I will say that the women cast were not assholes. At least, not yet, but it really demonstrates how far maturity goes in these situations. They were lifting each other up and encouraging one another. It was refreshing.

Let’s chat about Gerry. He seems nice. He is attractive and has all of his faculties which is a huge bonus. As pointed out by one of the contestants, “he is in great shape which indicates that he won’t need CPR during intimate moments”. I am sure the criteria changes as we age in terms of finding love.

Tune in next week to see if my nausea has returned while watching this show.