Square Peg ● Round Hole







I felt like I needed to address the farewell of 2023. Despite some other years where I gave it the finger on the 31st, this year gets a thumbs up. Sure, there were challenges that pushed us, but I know that is the process of life. It would be boring if my life were perfect. It’s like only having brown crayons in a box. Boring. Those situations give life a bit of color. Maybe my reactions to those struggles are different which is why they aren’t at the forefront as I write this. Breath in the good shit. Exhale the bullshit.

This year has brought lots of opportunities to grow and get more comfortable with myself. It has taken two years of decompressing from caring for my mother. Now that she is gone, I have more freedom. At 56, I am still living in the question. Still learning my likes and dislikes, but loving my life. I feel settled and content. Life is still happening, but I can be okay in the midst of any situation. That’s the miracle.

It’s easy to point at any given year as “bad” or “good”. It is a natural human reaction to focus on all the bad stuff, but if I did that I am not seeing life as it really is. Standing in my own light can distort my perception. See the gem is that I GET to show up. I GET to live this life and make choices that work for me. Not everyone will pivot with me and that’s okay. When I look at living as an opportunity instead of a chore, I experience things differently.

Goodbye, 2023! Thank you for giving me lots of opportunities to shift, pivot, and move forward.