Square Peg ● Round Hole







After producing two published books, I kind of went flat. I suppose it was a combination of things, but while I had this space to recover from my foot surgery, I reflected on how I could reinvigorate my writing. The creative process has lagged and I have considered just stopping. Unfortunately, I can’t tell my brain that, so I am now in the midst of recreating my process.

Amazon created this platform called Kindle Vella that allows writers to produce episodes. These episodes are posted various times according to the writer’s preference. I have decided to publish my third book in my series, using this tool and I am excited about the process.

When the writing bug took a hiatus, I was half way through my third book called, The Turning Point, when I lost my groove. When I was nudged in this direction, it got me excited. Kindle Vella is a way to share serialized stories with readers over an extended period of time. The first three episodes are free. Readers can purchase and redeem tokens to unlock one or multiple episodes at once. I love it because you can interact with the readers and because my book isn’t complete yet, it will allow the reader to have input in the direction of some of the characters. Plus, these are short clips, so they are ideal for those taking their lunch break or waiting for an appointment. They are meant to be snack sized.

The important aspect is reader engagement. Reader engagement can help promote your favorite writer. (No pressure, but I hope I am one of yours.) Anyway, readers can follow episodes and be notified of their release. As a literary participant, you can buy tokens to crown a weekly favorite episode that they enjoyed. At the end of every episode, you can give a thumbs up to show your enthusiasm. These small acts can help writers receive more royalties from their creations.

The first episode will be available on Monday January 1, 2024. Each episode will be revealed every Monday after that until the story is complete. It’s an excellent way to support authors and to find some amazing talent! I love that Amazon created this space because it elevates the ability to share my story.

Once the episode goes live, I will put the link on all my social media platforms, so stay tuned! I hope you tune in for Lainey’s tale and reconnect with some old friends from my previous books. If you haven’t read the first two, please go to www.authorallisonjones.com to purchase your copies. The greatest gift you can give to a writer are reviews and spreading the word on those literary works.