Square Peg ● Round Hole







“Let’s rearrange the room.” These were my words on Sunday to my spouse. Words that he could have avoided had he just run away like any other spouse would have. It was followed up by “Hear me out” and “I know it sounds crazy”. The blank stare. The silence. Yep. I know the signs of the struggle. He is acknowledging that he’s screwed. But honestly, he is to blame. He married me, so that’s on him.

The idea stemmed from my decision to host Christmas. To be fair, I love rearranging a room. It is the cheapest way to get a new look plus it kind of reinvigorates the love for my home. On Monday, I suggested we go ahead and move things around. Me in my boot and Brian. Yes, there was several inches of dog hair under the sofa. Yes, I was a tad worried I would hate it and then Brian would divorce me. Sounds dramatic, well, it is. The worst thing he would do would be to never let it go and then probably not help me when I get another inspiration. This was the chance I was willing to take.

It’s like a puzzle that stirs my creative vision. After lots of grunting, miscommunication (that’s on Brian), and a few choice words, our living room was transformed and the space seems more fluid and larger. Remember when I said it was the cheapest way to redecorate? When that was a lie because the moment I moved the table, I realized that the table doesn’t fit the aesthetic and I need another lamp because it seems dark. This particular endeavor will now cost me over a hundred dollars, but it’s all worth it. Sometimes we all need a little shift in perception that provides a different scene. For now, the holiday season moving pieces are complete, but I have my eye on our bedroom next. Just don’t tell Brian.