Square Peg ● Round Hole







What do you do? This is one of those intro question that people tend to gravitate to when meeting someone new. Is it invasive? A little. Especially, when you tell them you are a writer. Some of the time you are met with silence and then other times you are met with an interrogation. It is fascinating. I almost prefer the awkward silence because at least I know you are in your head judging me. The barrage of questions can be quite intrusive. How much money are you making? Did you write a book? Is your book selling well? What is your process? Jesus. Slow. Your. Roll. I don’t go around asking questions like that to ANYONE. Why? Because it is none of anyone’s business. I’m not sure why people feel the need to delve into the mystery of a writer’s brain,but I am not a circus side show. I am merely a writer who talks to herself. That’s it. Maybe if I say that as a response, they will slowly back away as if I were an escaped mental patient.

Being a writer can be the most frustrating existence known to man. I wrote two books. It is a huge accomplishment that won’t be overshadowed by earnings or rankings, but merely because I set the goal and nailed it. Two books in two years is nutty. I am not going to lie when I say there is a part of me that can’t believe I actually did it. Those two years were infested with health issues, COVID and a quarantine, plus being the primary caregiver for my mother. It was a lot, but it shows me that even under the most stressful circumstances, I can rally.

One of the things that people inquire about my chosen profession is how the royalties work. While that is really personal, I am happy to share that it is a struggle at times. It is very generous for friends to loan books to other friends, but while you are being kind to your friend, you are taking away money from favorite writers. Ponder that. Also, our books are ideal candidates for piracy and if you are partaking in this very illegal setup, you are depriving authors of their well-deserved earnings. Be mindful, friends.

Writing is a very personal journey for me. Regardless of whether I am writing a romantic comedy or this blog, I am putting myself out there for public consumption. It is a choice. I have learned to take what I like and leave the rest. My writing might not be for everyone. That’s okay. I write for myself. Everything after that is just noise.