Square Peg ● Round Hole







It’s the third day in the New Year. Just not sure which day. Actually, you are just fortunate enough that I figured it out as I was drinking my bitch slap AKA coffee. It was then I realized that I don’t have a topic today. That’s kind of a bad way to start the new year, but it is what it is.

I guess the one thing that comes to mind is an experience that I had with my spouse recently. We have been watching everything and anything that relates to The Great British Baking Show. We are mesmerized by the baker’s technique. We are envious of their patience. Mostly, we come for the Paul Hollywood commentary. I also watch it because Paul is pretty nice to look at. His eyes are mesmerizing. Pretty sure that Brian hasn’t really thought about the Paul Hollywood effect.

On Sunday, I was on the phone with my sister, when Brian walked in from breakfast with some friends. I wasn’t paying a bit of attention to what he was doing until he remained in the kitchen for a while stirring away at the stove. That made me very curious. After I ended my call, I ventured into the kitchen only to be surprised by the sight before me. I gasped at the realization. He was making custard. Holy Shit.

“Why are you making custard?” I asked.

“Because you love it.” her responded.

Cue to sappy music.

I may have swooned and then went to grab a spoon. The yummy concoction was like a party in my mouth complete with a DJ and confetti. He was so pleased with himself. All that was missing was the notorious Paul Hollywood handshake.

Ladies, all I can say is that if a guy makes you custard, grab him before someone else does.