Square Peg ● Round Hole







The word relevancy has been giving me nightmares. This whole social media bonanza of jockeying for position is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The algorithms. The time of the day you should post because this is when the data shows the most engagements. The constant feeling that you are simply not good enough to attract more followers. Insanity.

At the age of 56, I really don’t give a shit what anyone thinks, but that particular avenue doesn’t bode well when you are trying to get people to read your books or visit your Kindle Vella project. You must give a shit. Ugh. So, here I am, living in the world of “look at me” trying to figure out how to be relevant. Maybe I should take notes from Bailey. He has over 6000 followers on YouTube and his numbers on TikTok aren’t too shabby. This is why no one should underestimate the smarts of someone with Down syndrome. He has skills that I can’t even grasp.

I am setting my alarm to post at the specific time that Instagram suggests. I am obsessively checking my TikTok numbers when I post videos. It’s a level of crazy I never thought I was capable of, yet here we are. All in the hopes of attracting new readers and followers. The general population has NO IDEA how difficult Indie writers have creating a name for themselves in the literary world. It’s constantly jockeying for a position because there are so many of us. Oh, and let’s be fair, my biggest competition is a cute raccoon that eats grapes with its cute little hands while wearing pajamas. How on earth can I compete with that? It is insanity.

I don’t downplay my tenacity. I embrace the challenge. My only request for readers is that you leave a review, give a thumbs up, and engage with the writer. I work tirelessly on my stories, so when readers show their love, it makes us feel like what we do means something.

My task today is to conquer video making, so wish me luck. I think my brain just melted.