Square Peg ● Round Hole







Have you noticed that despite all of our fancy tech shit, nothing has been made easier? I am beginning to sound like an old lady. The facts remain that in order to get anything done, you must have the patience of a saint. I am not a saint. I am sure that is surprising to you. The reality is that I have zero patience when it comes to time wasting issues.

My right foot changed its identity in October in an effort to partner well with my left foot. It was a bit unfair to give my left foot an arch while my right foot looks longingly dreams of not rolling inward. Plus I enjoy the luxury of walking without pain. While my left foot wasn’t plagued by billing nonsense, my right foot was put on notice. The insurance carrier sited that it was a cosmetic procedure that wouldn’t be covered. That really ate my lunch. Look, I am not a vain person, but if I were considering cosmetic surgery, the feet would be at the bottom.

The doctor’s office kept harassing me over the bill. They were humored at my appeal attempt, but I didn’t allow their negativity to sway me. I just knew I needed to fight. My letter was full of facts along with the impact of living with severe foot pronation, and how it affected my other joints. I sent it on its way hoping that my preventative measures to preserve my other joints, speaks to them. Let me tell you a little secret about the appeal process with health insurance. If you approach it with facts and don’t use it as a way to vent your frustration on the entire process, it will get approved. This isn’t my first time at the circus.

On Friday, I received the notification that my appeal has been approved. My first instinct was to call the doctor’s office and brag, but that’s immature. Even when I go for my next visit, I won’t stick out my tongue and say, “I told you so”. Again, maturity will win and the fact that their office won’t be getting any money from me is really the best revenge.