Square Peg ● Round Hole







We exist in a world where goodness is often clouded by the uninvited toxicity that certain humans aspire to spread. It’s great to have goals, but some people need to reevaluate theirs. If you have lived under a rock, let me sum it up by saying the word “romance”. In particular, the budding romance of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Their relationship is like watching a rom com in real time. I am invested.

The human condition is fueled by two things. The first one is that we thrive on supporting others and empowering them. Well, at least some people are in that mindset. The second one is jealously and envy. We all gravitate differently and depending on our own experiences, it can color our outlook. The Brads and Chads of the world that say Taylor is messing with football and the constant whining that she is on the screen too much. The Brads and Chads of the world can’t handle a strong, powerful business woman who with a touch of a keyboard can rally a gang of Swifties in a matter of moments. It’s intimidating to have a woman who works her ass off to get where she is while making an impactful footprint to young girls everywhere. Yes, Brad and Chad, she is horrendous. Anyone who is kind, compassionate, authentic and a complete badass is a big threat. (Insert a very aggressive eye roll.) This culture where people hide behind the screen to rip someone apart is common practice. It is a cowardly way of unpacking their own unhappiness on others. Why deal with your own shit when you can tear on another person’s reputation? Here is the deal. I crave happiness for myself and others. I really do. That is the definition of community. Supporting each other. Empowering one another. This is what we all should be striving to accomplish on a daily basis. It is amazing to do that with the people in our lives, but it needs to be spread EVERYWHERE.

The world is heavy with the darkness. Too much negative media. Too much noise. Too many talking heads saying nothing. This romance unfolding before our eyes makes me smile. It shows that a successful woman can flourish in a man’s world. She shows us how to value her friends, family, career and romance. I am not a Swiftie, but I am a human being who loves to watch other humans soar. That’s the mentality that our culture has lost. While you all are digesting my words, I will be over here obsessively watching the video of them celebrating his Super Bowl win.