Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have noticed some oddness as I age. Maybe it’s not odd. It is quite possible I am just quirky. Do you happen to notice the oddities that are accentuated as we age? I am not sure why this is a topic for a blog, but I felt drawn to bring it up. I might be the only odd bird, but I will happily own it.

I talk to myself on a daily basis. Maybe it is a more minute-to-minute basis, to be fair. Since I am alone during the day indulging in my creative mind, who better than to bounce ideas off of or to rationalize a shift in the story? It amazes me that I need friends at all with the incredible insight that I offer myself. I only miss our COVID masks because I could talk to myself freely in public without judgement. Now I just look like I escaped from an asylum.

I am using the flashlight on my phone a lot. Why are restaurants so dark? I remember when my mom first used a flashlight while we were out to dinner and I laughed. Mostly because it wasn’t petite. No, my mother was using a full size flashlight that had numerous settings. I digress, as usual. My point is that I am no longer ashamed of not being able to see the tiny print in the dark restaurant.

Why are people so loud? I am also getting to the point that I find noise annoying. Mostly crowds as large amounts of people are a hard pass for me. I look for restaurants with a quiet ambiance that believe electricity is important for their diners. I also gravitate to restaurants with reservation capability because this bitch doesn’t like to wait.

I am embracing the Swedish death cleaning to rid my house of the decades of shit that has accumulated. It’s like my stuff multiplied like a pack of horny rabbits. Where did this shit come from?

My mindset is stuck in this groove. Maybe it’s healthy or maybe it’s obsessive. I’m not sure why I am fixated on aging. But, I am here and embracing the quirkiness that will accompany me through this process.