Square Peg ● Round Hole







The solar eclipse has been the talk of the town. Where will you watch it? What area has the best coverage? While going outside of Louisville would provide a 100 percent view, we opted to stay in our backyard for the 99 percent view. Who needs 100 percent when it allows me to stay away from other humans?

Brian, Bailey and I settled on our comfy turf with our fancy eye-wear to observe this phenomenon. There was something magical about it and I was enamored with how present we were in the moment. Then I was overwhelmed with the thought of this collective pause that we were having universally. Everyone is just stopping to be present. That is some powerful shit.

I posted my thoughts on social media where I was greeted with many who were just as taken with the notion of us all just being in the moment. There was one comment about the loss of money due to people stopping work and I was immediately shaking my head. This individual missed the point. Sure, putting down your phone is helpful to be mindful, but it is so much deeper. We are a society drowning in distractions. God provided this moment for us to simply BE. I can’t think of a better gift than that.

While we were enjoying the view, Bailey asked if I was enjoying it and I responded with a resounding “yes”. He commented that it was good that I enjoyed it because I would probably be dead for the next one. Really? Way to suck the wind out of my sail. Glad I enjoyed it while I could.