Square Peg ● Round Hole







I went out Saturday night and stayed out past eleven! I know what you are asking. What is a seemingly sensible 56-year-old doing at a rock concert well past her appointed pajama time? Well, she is reliving the 80s with music by Cheap Trick and Heart. An 8 o’clock start time seemed excessively late, in my opinion. These rockers are older than me, aren’t they tired?

Since Bailey is an avid 80s music fan, we brought him along. It was his enthusiasm that kept me from nodding off. Cheap Trick was okay. It made me feel good about my age as some of the band members shuffled along the stage with minimum pep in their step. I applaud their commitment, but maybe it’s time to hang up the guitars.

The main attraction was Heart. Before I gush about their set, I would like to extend my thanks for them starting a whole minute early and ending promptly at 11. I think it’s important that I acknowledge that olive branch for keeping me out past 8. Anyway, Heart was fantastic. These two women, both in their seventies, rocked out like they were twenty. Made me feel like a wimp as I longed for my bed.

Honestly, the best part was watching Bailey jam out to each song. Singing proudly and air guitaring like his life depended on it. His energy was contagious and I found myself leaning into his excitement. Plus, those badass women are still inspiring and entertaining after decades of breaking the glass ceiling. They give me hope that the tone of our society will change. Until then, I will bask in the knowledge that I can stay out past 11 and live to tell the tale, but only after a nap.