Square Peg ● Round Hole







Do you know what else COVID robbed us of? Good old customer service. Back in the olden days before the dreaded year of 2020, people gave a shit about how they represented themselves in business. If there was an issue, most times a customer driven associate would work with you to resolve whatever problem had risen. Today, you are lucky to be greeted let alone helped with an issue.

It’s not just national based chains, but local establishments too. I had an issue with an online order that I was picking up at a local pet store where I was greeted with half of my order being available. I suggested that the website authentically represent their quantity in stock. He was not only rude but not empathetic to my experience at their store. It will be the last time I will do business with them.

While that is annoying in itself, then they are now asking if you want to tip when being rung up. Tip? What exactly warrants this tip? Do you think because you showed up for a job that you deserve an extra bonus. No. That’s not even a thing. Maybe if places of employment paid a livable wage, these establishments wouldn’t be asking their customers to foot the bill. No, I will not be tipping for you ringing me up. My tip is a smile and “have a great day” as I leave.

This is why I gravitate to the online market. Society boggles my mind and I am sick of trying to make sense of it. By shopping online, it allows me to simply withdraw from the insanity that continues to unravel. Trust me, the world is a safer place if I am shopping online rather than interacting with individuals who don’t understand the concept of being of service to their clientele.

On the bright side, Amazon is thrilled that I will not be shopping in the real world.