Square Peg ● Round Hole







With so many changes going on around me, I am reasonably serene.  Sometimes change makes me anxious, uneasy, and unmanageable.  My oldest son, who has Down Syndrome has mastered riding the bus independently while my youngest has plunged into his high school career with gusto.   There is really nothing left for me, but to observe.   Being a spectator in their lives is entertaining.

I love watching Bailey achieve his goals.  Nineteen years ago, I was petrified of what the future would hold for him.   Apparently, I didn’t realize that I am his biggest liability.  Once I get out of the way, he soars.   He has the innate ability to surprise me, while baffled at why I am surprised.  It is his pure heart and tolerance that inspire me.

Bryce is the old man in the teenage body.  He is wise beyond his years.  The beauty of being his mother is the ability to be open to learning from his vast insight.   He seeks relationships that nurture him and leans away from those people that don’t build him up.

So, during this emotional cleanse, it is important for me to focus on those relationships that are viable, blossoming, and working.  In order to work on the ones that are lacking, I must learn from the ones that allow me to grow.   Sometimes, being a spectator and taking in the scenery is all the action I really need to take.