Square Peg ● Round Hole







I really try not to linger on my soap box.   Since I have a great deal of opinions, it better suits those around me to keep them to myself…..most of the time.  However, I can no longer remain silent over my feelings of exclusion. Yesterday, I heard a very well respected man share his thoughts on our Catholic schools and how fundamental they are to our children’s future.  As a product of having a Catholic education, it was always our intention to provide our children with the same advantage.  That is until Bailey was born.

The Catholic education system in our community doesn’t cater to children with special needs, so Bailey, who has Down syndrome isn’t valued.  Okay, that may be a strong word, but you should hear the excuses that are rendered when it is inquired.   One, they don’t have the staff.  Two, it would cost more money.  Three, well, three fluctuates depending on who you talk too.   Put yourself in my shoes.   What I am hearing is that they are leaving children behind, but what God intended was that all of his children be embraced.   I have fought endless battles.  I came close to successfully implementing a program for boys with Down syndrome, but came up short.    Some people call me a pioneer.  Others label me overzealous, but I label myself a fierce advocate of those without a voice.

So, when this distinguished gentleman at the end of his speech asked for our financial support of Catholic education, I exhaled, shook my head, and gathered my emotions.  I hope one day, I will witness the Catholic church embracing these wonderful children, but for now, I must move forward and realize that this is where we are.   We have advanced in so many ways, but in others, are stagnant.    I am not bitter nor am I disgruntled, but what I am is sad.  Sad that despite all of the steps we have made to include these wonderful individuals, there is still a gap.   A gap that I hope to see closed one day.  For today, I will accept that there is a long way to go, but stand in amazement at how far we truly have come.