Square Peg ● Round Hole







Truly, some of the only times I seem to be able to catch up with those I don’t normally see is at a funeral.  Collectively gathered because of one person.  You hear the common phrases, “we need to get together” or “I only get to see you at funerals”.  Then everyone goes back to their lives.  Are these empty words that are shared based on emotion?   I believe that the words are valid, but that time steals our attention.   Life doesn’t stand still.

First of all, I would tell you that while the premise of gathering to mourn a loss is difficult, the visitation with the family and old friends renews me.   It is comforting to know that one person can bring the masses together with a common thread.  I may not see these individuals on a regular basis, but it though time has stood still.

Sadness can lend itself to laughter during these times.    Often I am witness to a broad range of emotions that are channeled through the room.   The messages I always get when I leave might be cliche’, but it resonates with me every time……life is short.   Grabbing life by the hand and walking instead of running allows me to have a “sense involved” existence. Simply put, all my senses are engaged.   All the sights, sounds, smells, and sometimes, taste can make any experience more vivid.    It isn’t a race.    I can set the pace.   Sometimes I just need a reminder.