Square Peg ● Round Hole







Today we said goodbye to our fourteen year old black lab, Hallee.   I remember the day we met her.  She had been rescued by a friend of a friend after being thrown from a truck.    Hallee literally healed our hearts after losing our eight year old shepherd mix to cancer.    The last few weeks have been rough as her health had started to spiral in a downward cycle.   She put on a brave face, but I knew that the end was near.

I don’t believe in coincidences.    Presley, our new senior rescue,  was put in our lives, or more importantly, Daisy’s life to help her through this mourning period.   It was almost like Hallee could let go since she knew Daisy wouldn’t be alone.  There are those who walk through this difficult time with a furry friend, and opt to never have a pet again.  My thought is God gave me a huge capacity to love and I will continue having those four-legged furry family members until I die.  They complete me.   They provide unconditional love that has no boundaries.

So, today I am sad and relieved all at the same time.    I stayed with her while they administered the drugs.  Stroking her thick, black fur while telling her all the incredible gifts that she gave our family, I let her go.   For me, I am comforted knowing that my Dad has welcomed her along with all of my gang of furry family members that went before her.

My tears are many.  While I write this, Daisy is snuggled in Hallee favorite chair and Presley is nearby to give comfort.  Both greeted me when I came home with lots of love and kisses.   So, this is a “thank you”  to her.  Thank you for accepting this crazy, animated family.  Thank you for accepting new fur babies even when you thought we had enough.    Lastly, thank you for rescuing us when we needed it the most.  You will be missed and forever loved.