Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, today we are back on our regular schedule after several days of being “snow” bound, which is funny because there really wasn’t that much snow.    Ironically, while everyone else is casually enjoying their Monday, I headed to the store to replenish the stock pile of food eaten by my two bottomless pits.    While shopping, I had a revelation which isn’t rare for me since Kroger is quiet at 7:30 am.   The revelation was simply regarding expectations.   Funny, this is a reoccurring theme that seems to be eager to teach me some valuable lessons.

The reality is I am a slow learner.   I put myself out there for others with the assumption that they would do the same as me.  What I forget is not everyone has the same heart as me or the same brand of thinking.   I catch myself repeating patterns of behavior that I thought were long gone, but lay dormant and explode when I least expect it.   Instead of berating myself, I thank the universe for providing me without another lesson to learn and another opportunity to do it different.

Honestly, I can’t help myself.   If I am drawn to another person, I instantly open my heart making me vulnerable.   The reality is that the other person is not responsible for making sure that my needs are met.   That is all on me.    What I need to be careful of is how much of myself I give.   If I sacrifice my owns needs for someone else’s then I might as well throw myself off a cliff with no parachute.   Both never end well.

So, on this sunny Monday morning, I will continue to be the kind, compassionate person that I always have been, but I will be more aware of those who aren’t in the capacity to do or be the same.