Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am wordy.  When I write and when I talk, the words just flow and sometimes, unknowingly, I say things that reveal too much.   Today, Bryce went on a “date”.  I put that in quotes because in my day (God, I sound old), when a boy asked a girl out, it was a date.  Today, it is, I guess two people meeting for lunch.  Anyway, I made the decision, under no circumstances would I be offering unsolicited advice, past experiences, or anything else that would cause an eye roll.

When he came home, his father and I converged on him.  We asked him if he had a good time and made small talk.  We tried to act cool, but we are close to fifty, so the act was futile as we are not that subtle.    Bryce is chatty, so it was easy for us to get information.  First, she didn’t allow him to pay for her meal which was fine although when I was a teenager, I was all about a free meal. Second, he shared a lot of detail that he learned about her.  I cringed at some of it, but.I remained neutral.  My facial features seemed soft and unassuming not giving away the spew of opinions that I wanted to shower upon him.     However, my spouse tried to blow my cover with this statement……”You aren’t impressing your mother with all this information.”   Surprisingly, Bryce seemed to not hear his comment which was good.  My goal is to not have an opinion….ever…..on any girl he dates or is friends with because I want him to still feel free to talk to me. I might vomit it on Brian or anyone else that will listen, but never to him.  If he senses that I am going to get all wordy and share tons of detail, he will stop sharing.   I glared at Brian.  The glare that could melt metal, but unfortunately my superhuman powers were on vacation and his body remained solid.

I did share with my loose lipped spouse my objective after Bryce left the room and he admitted that I was right.  Duh!   Aren’t I usually?   My first challenge to be cool and neutral  was successful.  I am sure there will be a time when it will be harder.   There will be some tart that I don’t like, but I will smile while blood forms in my mouth from biting my tongue so hard.  But, I am taking today as a victory.