Square Peg ● Round Hole







There is a sense of satisfaction when the plush rug is yanked out from under me and I find the bare floor more comfortable.    While there is a touch of anxiety circling me as I tackle new opportunities, I can’t help but feel accomplished.   My first assignment for one of the magazines I will be contributing to is this week.   While my focus for the last ten years has been homes, this particular article with be a feature on a person.  This, my friends, is a little out of my comfort zone.   I guess writing about inanimate objects is easier to a degree, but I am looking forward to exploring other subjects.  Honestly, the subtle nudge of my Higher Power has been received loud and clear.

What happens when we aren’t listening to the quiet suggestions that He sends us?  Well, for me, it is the continuous banging on the closed door.   I try to force solutions.   I am relentless is the art of refusing to accept the reality that things aren’t going to work out as planned….until this particular event unfolded.    When my life scenery changed, the colors became more vivid and attractive.  When I am in a state of acceptance, I become more fluid and relaxed.

Change isn’t something we look for or want because it makes us uncomfortable.   With that being said, I am mindful that while it is terrifying in the beginning, it does get better.  Change is constant and inevitable.   If you resist, then you run the risk of missing out on the bigger picture.   All I know is that my feeling of grief has shifted.    As Dr. Seuss says, “Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.”     Smiling seems like a good action to take.