Square Peg ● Round Hole







The week of vacation has come to a close and unlike many I know, I enjoy floating back into my reality.    I will say that I struggled a little this week with the close of my 10 year column, but the same day I was saying goodbye to that chapter, the magazine that I am writing for was released and there on several glossy pages was the article that I had written.   Serendipitous indeed!   That is how my Higher Power is working…….continuous showering of all the blessings.

As we drove yesterday, I was giddy with anticipation.   There is a lot of hope within me today.   My new editor at the magazine is someone that I worked with at The Courier-Journal.  We were both let go in the same fashion and now are starting our new beginning together.    Everything simply unfolded organically.

There is also the feeling of coming home after being gone awhile.   It is like being enveloped in a warm embrace.   The familiarity of my bed, the blooming of spring outside my window and all the essence of being in place where love continues to grow.  To me, my home represents more than just a brick structure with walls.  It is a memory box that is overflowing with abundance.

I am home in more ways than one.   Everything is brighter.  Pieces that I thought were so fragmented are coming together beautifully.    You see, I had to walk through the darkness, process my loss, and be willing to come out the other side with a different perspective.    In every way, I am finally home.