Square Peg ● Round Hole







My delightful youngest commented yesterday that my hair looked much better than the day before.   Oh, what a relief, to have such an affirmation.  I almost couldn’t sleep I was so concerned about his opinion of my hair.   He did come home in a bit of a frenzy.  Apparently, his cell phone stopped working.   He even used a friend’s phone to call and tell me about the ordeal questioning whether he should go straight to the Verizon store or stay for the football dinner.  I didn’t answer the phone because I don’t answer numbers I don’t know, so his message was a long, twisted ordeal.  I texted back and said to stay for dinner, I mean, how important is it?

When he got home he explained how he restarted it, took the SIM card out (whatever that is), and it still didn’t work.   “Mom, it is important.  I mean, I have to have a cell phone.”    I rolled my eyes so hard that if they had bones, I might have had an eyeball fracture.    Before I could start sharing how we didn’t have phone in high school and did just fine, he stops me by saying, “There are no pay phones like back in your day, so I need a phone.”   Oh, but you can borrow a phone, I say, if you need to reach me.  I swear, you would like we live in the middle of nowhere the way he was acting, but I get it.  The cell phone, it is like an appendage.    I hope he will be okay until tonight.  (Please read that sentence with a tone dripping in sarcasm, otherwise the effect will be lost.)

I experienced lots of people on the edge yesterday.   It seems the solar eclipse distorted people’s personalities.   Text messages with demands that were ridiculous, a tad bitchy, and fortunately, something I could laugh at because these individuals were kind of acting like Meryl Streep’s character from ” The Devil Wears Prada”.  I let them roll off my back because it isn’t, wasn’t, and will never be about me.   All their own stuff.    People need to chillax.   Take a breath.  Nothing, I repeat nothing is that important to loose your shit over unless someone eats the last piece of chocolate that you have hidden, then you can loose your shit.   Nobody should be eating your hidden chocolate.