Square Peg ● Round Hole







In a world where we thrive on efficiency, we certainly are time wasters.  We have meetings that never really amount to anything except maybe committing homicide on that one individual who ask a dumb question right when the meeting is ending.   Contrary to popular belief and what I was taught in grade school, there really are stupid questions.

Case in point.   Last night, we went to a mandatory meeting regarding our trip to Portugal/France/Spain and spent an hour and a half with some lady who works for the travel company listening to her read the booklet that we will be receiving in the mail.  Seriously, front to back.  In my head, I am thinking, I am pretty sure that I can read this in the comfort of my own home minus her personal accounts of her own trips.   There were times when I wanted to raise my hand and ask, “when do you think you will be finished reading this booklet?” or “If you don’t think we are competent to read this independently, maybe we shouldn’t be allowed to leave the country.”, but I kept my mouth shut.  Okay, not completely true as I whispered snarky comments to Brian, but I didn’t say them out loud. Progress in my book.

So, an hour and a half that I will never get back.  If I added up all the times I attended meetings that could have been emailed to me, the hours would be staggering.    Eternal time wasters in an effort to be efficient, which presents us with quite an oxymoron.   I was shaming myself for not sitting in the very back so we could have left without being noticed and oh, the lady presenting is going to Greece next week….something I couldn’t forget as she told us several times while she read to us.