Square Peg ● Round Hole







I would love to write something funny and lighthearted, but my mind is consumed with a lot of thoughts.  You know, I limit my opinion on outside issues.  I simply want to stay in my lane and live my life.   But, with all the sexual harassment talk and the overly publicized Harvey Weinstein coupled with the “Me Too” posts, I need to use my voice to express my dismay over the whole situation.

First, let me say that I am disgusted by this overpaid, unattractive bully who has gotten more press from this than anything else he has ever done.   I am baffled that for decades he simply paid off his victims.   The victims who have no voice and no face.  They are simply casualties to this satanic individual that claims he is human.  But, wait…..there is more.

I am annoyed.  Pissed maybe is a better word at society.   You know, this goes on everywhere, not just in Hollywood.  And while, I am stunned at all the “me too” posts from various friends on social media, I am wondering….did you speak up?  Did you give a voice to the situation?   It makes my heart sick that my friends have endured this type of behavior.  See, this is my outrage.   Why does it take this particular situation for women to become angry and speak up?  The same thing goes for bullying, suicide, and well, so much more.   We wait until it gets to bad or someone else takes the fall.

Are we suppose to applaud The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for expelling him?  No.    Seriously, they have probably known for years.  In fact, it is amazing how silent Hollywood is until something like this happens.  They can’t shut up about Caitlyn Jenner (which we all knew that was coming…duh), but something of this magnitude, mere crickets.

You are going to read this however you wish to read it, but please know that I am merely asking the questions that most are thinking.      We give so much attention to the perpetrator.     We are a society with slow reaction time.   So, where do we go from here?  Is this the end?  How do we prepare the women of tomorrow?   These are questions that I can’t answer.  I only hope that this is the beginning of a solution rather than the continuation of a problem.