Square Peg ● Round Hole







In the twenty-five years I have been married, I have learned that sometimes I don’t have to say everything that I am thinking and that smiling while nodding my head is sometimes the best recourse. This goes for anyone, really, but just like rearing children, you must give affirmation. Even when they wiped the counter with carpet cleaner. You must say, “Great job wiping the counter. Next time, you can use the counter cleaner,”. Your outside demeanor must look calm and collected while your insides are ready to explode. It is a talent that I am still trying to perfect.

Last night, Brian and Bailey were in charge of dinner. I have been kind of obsessed with “Home Chef” which is a service online that you can order dinners that include all the ingredients. (No, I am not getting residuals from singing their praises, but I will say it is definitely cheaper than grabbing all of this at the store. We love it!) It comes with a colorful and informative recipe card and it is a great way to get Bailey in the kitchen to show off his culinary talents. When I came home, the kitchen was bustling with activity. Of course, I am wanting badly to put in my two cents, and I may have offered some suggestions. Particularly when Brian was using one of my stainless steel mixing bowls as a pot to heat the green beans. I may have told him in a sweet, but firm way that he shouldn’t be using that. I may have been told to buzz off and go in another room. In the grand scheme of things, the bowl was a tiny issue. I mean, after all, dinner was being prepared for me, so who I am to be the resident critic? So, I sat back wallowing in my anxiety over my mixing bowl and waited until my meal was served. They might not have been doing it the way I do it, but they were doing it nonetheless. That is the point. I have to learn to be flexible and willing to accept other people’s processes. My way might be the best way – truly, it is – but I must allow others the dignity and respect to figure out their own best way. And for the record, my mixing bowl is now off limits to Chef Brian.