Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have decided Mother Nature is on a bender.  Between the storms that deconstructed my tree last week and the amount of rain yesterday that made me want to build an arc, I surrender.  My white flag is waving and so is my middle finger.   Because the ground is so saturated, the water invites itself into our basement.   It is like the unwanted Jehovah Witness that simply barges their way into your home.

While manning our window wells with the portable sump pump, I had a gratitude.  Our pooper scooper guy  had just cleaned the yard, so I wasn’t dodging any delightful presents from the Basset hounds.  (Thank you Jason!) I maneuvered the yard in a quick pace in order to move the pump between two window wells.   In the past two days, we have had over two inches of rain.   Bryce is my partner in this endeavor since Brian is at work.  We are swift in our movements to alleviate the progression of the water.  In the meantime, Bailey is completely oblivious as he watches television.

As the rain subsides and the outdoor window wells dry out, we come back inside to cleanup the basement with towels.  Honestly, I am not complaining.  Okay, maybe a little.  I am grateful we aren’t in a drought, however, I could use some weather balance.  A nice steady rain would be helpful possibly spread over time so the ground has a chance to absorb it.   I am wondering if Mother Nature could be helped by an intervention of sorts.   Of course, I do know from experience, that unless she wants help,  intervening can be futile.  I suppose I will simply accept her for who she is.  She is also apparently going through menopause too, as walking outside reminds me an unwelcome hot flash.  I guess I will pray for her as she walks through this rough patch.  Hopefully, she will get her shit together soon.