Square Peg ● Round Hole







Don’t worry, I won’t be chronicling my every moment during my alone time. Actually, nothing much is happening aside from the the dogs looking for the other people that normally inhabit this home. It typically takes about a day for me to adjust. Adjusting to not running the dishwasher twice a day or watching food fly out of the refrigerator on any given moment or perhaps actually have a garbage can that isn’t overflowing. These are my perks right now.

It is nice to have the freedom of doing what I like, when I like it. Being in charge of just me instead of feeling the over-responsibility for other people. Yesterday, when I spoke to my spouse, he indicated that Bailey was still awake at 3 am when they left. He has a tendency to stay up late when he isn’t working. It was 8 am when I called him and Bailey had not slept. I might have told my spouse how to rectify the situation once they have arrived at their destination, but after we hung up, I had a big grin on my face. This is not my problem. Sleep. Don’t sleep. This is not going to affect me in the slightest. Grumpy Bailey is not a pleasant experience, but alas, not my issue.

I have scheduled times to spend with friends. Allotted time to write. There might be some moments where I am cleaning out the crap that seems to have accumulated in various areas of our house. Sometimes I wonder if there are elves that sneak into our home in the middle of the night putting random shit in places. Some of this stuff I have no recollection of ever purchasing or receiving.

This is my time to purge, clean, renew, and relax. I can resume my sense of over-responsibility when they come home. Until then, the refrain from Aretha Franklin’s song, Think, is playing in my head – Oh, freedom (freedom), freedom (freedom) Oh, freedom, yeah, freedom.