Square Peg ● Round Hole







My resolve, when things are not trending the way I had hoped, is to comfort myself with food.   But, it wasn’t comfort, it was more like abuse.  So, as this week continues to unfold with unexpected and most unwelcomed surprises, I am paying attention to how my body is reacting.

Here is the deal – I feel so good doing my new sustainable eating lifestyle (FASTer Way to Fat Loss), that the whole “eating my feelings” isn’t even on my radar.   In the span of four weeks (I started full-throttle week one which is prep week), I have lost two inches in my waist and hips. TWO INCHES!!!  I am wearing jeans that have been in my dresser for over two years.  My energy level is through the roof and I am not deprived.  I still can eat the things I love, but am learning moderation (yummy treats) and appreciation (feeling really good and noticing my body responding).    Plus, the accountability is key.   Left to my own devices, I would flounder.  I would procrastinate and in the end, nothing would ever change.    Interesting that I was nudged to do this when so many changes would occur during the process.  But, I am finding I do my best work when I am challenged.

If you are even considering making a change, I am providing my coach’s, information at the bottom of the page.   Debbie has been encouraging along with giving me tips on how to be more successful.    I have traveled many “diet” routes, but this isn’t a diet.  This is my lifestyle now.   This is how I will continue to move forward on the quest of being the very best version of me.