Square Peg ● Round Hole







There comes a time in life where you must honor your truth. You must value yourself enough to stop doing what is expected. Start being true to yourself. Well, I did just that. I cancelled Easter. Now, friends, before you get all judgy and hostile with me, I will explain what I mean.

Normally, I host a meal. We don’t go out because, well, that involves lots of people dressed in Easter egg colored dresses all hopped up on chocolate bunnies. No, I prefer a quiet venue, like my home. I have this ability to feel overly responsible. Like I have to make everyone happy, but that is impossible since I am not chocolate or a nice adult beverage. It isn’t my job.

I took my mother out on Tuesday for dinner. We were meeting her best friend along with her daughter. Before we got to the restaurant, she asked what the plans were for Easter. Now, I had been thinking about not doing anything aside from just being with Brian and the boys, for awhile. Between meeting my word count goals each week for my book and all the other life moments that are happening, I am literally done. I was a little nervous about actually following through with my decision, simply because of my mother’s reaction. She took it pretty well. I know she is disappointed. I know there will be backlash. Part of me felt extremely guilty. That by forgoing the holiday, I am not being a “good” daughter. That self-deprecating talk isn’t helpful or kind. I do enough. I am enough.

Of course, I will observe Easter in my own private way with my spouse and boys. It has taken me a long time to realize that I have choices. I don’t have to meet other people’s expectations. I don’t have to continue to do things that I simply don’t want to do. There is tremendous freedom in simply honoring myself. In the words of my favorite mantra, “you do you, boo”. Happy Easter, friends. I’m out.