Square Peg ● Round Hole







“Did you use the garlic salt?” My spouse is asking this and in my mind, I am convinced he is going to need me to find it for him. You know, men and their talent of never seeing anything that is right in front of them. In this case, I was wrong.

“Yes, I used it a couple of days ago.” At least I think I did. My brain power is on low battery at this point. I am like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz when he utters the words, “If I only had a brain”.

“Okay. Well, is there a reason you put it in the refrigerator?” He asks with a smug smile on his face. And there is the evidence of my lack of attention to the simple things. Mindfulness has not been my companion.

This is just one example of situations that have caused me to pause and shake my head in disbelief. Yesterday on my way to a meeting, I pondered whether or not I had put on deodorant. Don’t act like that has never happened to you. Anyway, I decided I didn’t want to check at a stop light because people will see me sniffing my pits, so I wait until I am driving. Yes, I realize that it is a distraction, but I needed to know. I am not texting and driving, so chill with the judgement. Fortunately the sniff takes a second and I am satisfied that I did indeed put some on. Honestly, what the hell was I going to do if I hadn’t? It isn’t like I carry some in the car.

I admitted yesterday that I needed a timeout. A day off to gather the sprinkles of my brain that have been on hiatus. I needed quiet. The voices in my head were becoming too loud and opinionated. So, I did just that. I sat with my earbuds in, jamming to some Rob Thomas, and reading magazines that have been clamoring for my attention while enjoying the sun poolside. It was delightful. The club was even passing out bourbon lemonade slushy samples. It was divine intervention.

Today, I am back at the revision process. I am trying to be more mindful. Paying attention to the little things. I even managed to put on deodorant today and remembered that I did it. Winning. I know I will get back on track but until then, I probably will need a keeper.