Square Peg ● Round Hole







I feel like I am writing a series as much as I have blogged about my mother’s caregiver situation. In true form, we are back to square one. Yesterday, I got a call from the agency – cue my PTSD every time I see their name on my Caller ID – telling me that my mother’s caregiver quit. Not just quit my mom, but the agency. I suppose the whole four days that she worked pushed her over the edge. Cue my exaggerated eye-roll.

So, this morning we have someone new coming. I have already sent, what I like to call the “please prayer”, to the the big man upstairs. I decided I would use my manners while praying instead of using sentence enhancers. I am not too proud to beg. Surprisingly enough, my mother seems to be okay with the change. She is actually taking it better than me but the true test will come when she meets her. Sweet. Baby. Jesus.

Here is to another day of uncertainty. My expectations are basically in the sewer which is for the best. This way if things don’t work out, I won’t be disappointed. Maybe I will just send one of my Basset hounds over to care for her. Or perhaps, Bailey can move in with her. More will be revealed. Will my mother accept her without argument? Will this woman run screaming after one day? Will I need a psychiatric evaluation? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog.