Square Peg ● Round Hole







Have you ever had a day where you question why you left your bed? I am well acquainted with those. Yesterday felt like a continual day that featured the domino effect. First, our 15 year old Basset, Presley, started having difficulty walking, so that resulted in a vet visit which turned into her staying the weekend. There are a lot of factors at stake, but our vet is hoping that whatever it is will calm itself with medication and rest. My heart is breaking. My brain always goes to the worst case scenario. And this all is happening as we prepare to leave for the weekend.

My gratitude lies in the fact that we weren’t out of town when this happened. Yep, in the midst of the dog saga, we are preparing to leave for the weekend to observe, one of my youngest offspring in his natural habitat – the football field. I have been looking forward to this little getaway for months. Between the dog and my mother (She is anxious about us going yet won’t do anything to assist in that area. Like have a caregiver on the weekends we are out of town.), who is becoming more difficult, I was ready to escape.

Bailey stayed late from work to help with culinary club. He totally loves being included plus it is such a great experience for him and the students. Anyway, I told him to text me when he was almost done. At 4:45, I hadn’t heard from him and I was ready to put on my pajamas. Seriously, I was ready for the day to conclude. Anyway, he indicates that he would be done at 5:15. Cool. I can deal with that. At 5:15, I park beside the building and text him that I have arrived. Crickets. At 5:30, I text again. Crickets. I call his cell. Crickets. At 5:45, he responds to my 500 hundred text messages (yes, I exaggerated), and says, he is about done. Christ. On. A Cracker. By this point, I am past done. He saunters out acting as if he has no care in the world.

Me: Did you get my text messages or see a missed call from me? I have been trying to reach you since I got here 30 minutes ago.

Bailey: I got your text. Chill. I was still eating what we cooked.

Me: It is really rude for you to ignore my messages. I have things I could have been doing instead of sitting here. If you weren’t going to be ready at 5:15, then you should let me know that.

Bailey: What did you need to do? Relax?

I have no words at this point. All I want to do is go home, put on my pajamas and escape into a book. You all think he is super sweet, well, these are the moments I like to share since he can be such a delight.

Today is a new day. Despite the unknown with Presley and everything going on with my mother, I remain hopeful. Because no matter what difficulties arise in life, there is a lot of good stuff to experience as well.