Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am convinced that Satan has taken Mother Nature hostage or maybe they are in cahoots. Messing with us, as it is October 1 and I am still experiencing boob sweat. You know I’m right. The thought of cooler weather makes me want to bundle up. I dream of chili, beautifully colored leaves and the goal of reading a book by the fire. Not getting any of that. Today, the high may reach 100 degrees. This isn’t great news for a menopausal woman who already has enough hot flashes to warrant her own private summer. What. Is. Happening?

On top of the hellish temperatures, we are in a drought. I have been watering every night to hinder the brown tint that is threatening my lawn. It is like a losing battle with our water bill being the highest it has ever been. Sigh and cue the middle finger to good old Mother Nature and her band of merry cohorts.

Again, we will be deprived of fall because I can guarantee that within a few weeks it will be in the 30s. Freeze warning will be in play. Kids will celebrate Halloween with their winter coats on and then it will be 70 at Christmas. When will the madness stop? Does Mother Nature have a complaint department? Probably not. That bitch has gone rogue. I guess the only choice I have is to continue watering like the crazy loon that I am, and hope that one day soon, I can walk outside without experiencing a wall of heat.