Square Peg ● Round Hole







The title of my blog this morning is indicative of a fairy tale. I thought you all would enjoy of little story on this Monday morning. There once was a middle-age woman who suffered from being near-sighted. It plagued her to the point where things, from a distance, were unrecognizable. It was a gift and a curse. A gift because it allowed her to sit in her home, without putting on her glasses, and live in a land of denial. You see, her home looked amazingly clean without putting on her glasses. In fact, she adopted the mantra of “denial cleaning”.

One day, this amazing lady, put on her glasses. She was horrified at the sight before her. Dog hair littered the corner crevices of her home while base boards were adorned with dust. She needed this wake-up call as she had hit rock bottom. She also wondered, since this was her fairy tale, where the hell those animals and dwarfs were. Oh, right, they like Snow White better. I guess she isn’t as bitchy. So anyway, this delightful woman cleaned her home with vigor. Relieving areas of dust, dirt and dog hair.

After finishing this hideous task, she took her glasses off and decided that “denial cleaning” was more her speed and she lived happily, ever-after.

The End.