Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have said it before….resolutions are simply premeditated resentments. That “diet” you are going on January 1 will be over by the end of the day. There is a reason the word “die” is in it. Adopt something realistic, friends. Just stop with the insanity. Did it work last year? The year before? Nope. Unless you are adopting a sustainable lifestyle change, nothing will be different. So, just stop.

Can we please disengage from putting our hands on our hip when posing for photographs? It looks weird, uncomfortable, and sadly, ridiculous. I am not sure when this “hand on the hip” thing was adopted. It really is the most unflattering pose unless you are a celebrity at the Oscars. Fun fact…we all look like teapots. I don’t know why my hand automatically creeps up to my hip, but it’s going to stop. I refuse to look at another picture and cringe at my stupid bent arm.

Let’s pledge to stop Facebook fighting. It’s like a cage match without a physical altercation. We get that you are very passionate about your particular view, but nobody cares. Just stop. Just stop pushing your agenda. You will not be changing anyone’s mind, so why waste a perfectly good post when you could be sharing a photo of what you ate for dinner instead.

Just stop using the word “retarded”. It is highly offensive, so just shut your pie hole. Pick another word. Use a dictionary and expand your vocabulary. I have decided instead of doing my usual spiel to those who choose to employ that word, I am simply going to punch them in the face. Sure, I might be charged with assault, but I am truly tired of explaining why this word should never be uttered.

Speak your truth. Just stop worrying about what others are going to think. Presenting your true, authentic self is freeing, attractive, and refreshing. This is me. What you see is what you get. If you don’t like it, move on. I will certainly survive. Bye, Felicia! And when those people who don’t deserve to be in your life move on, it makes room for those incredible tribe members who empower and support you.

You can make 2020,(I keep hearing Barbara Walters’s voice now), anything you want it to be. Sure there will be bumps along the way, but with each new year there are tremendous opportunities that are waiting. I am a greedy bitch and plan on grabbing all of them.