Square Peg ● Round Hole







I could feel that yesterday was a day of possibilities. Waking up at 5 a.m., I felt creatively inspired as I worked on the 577th revision of my manuscript. Kidding. It is only 576. I tend to exaggerate. Drinking my coffee, I plowed through the pages, wrote a blog post, started laundry, and exercised all by 8 a.m.

Pretty proud of all I had accomplished, I got ready to leave for my morning appointments. I was set to indulge in Cryotherapy for my delightful ankle along with meeting a friend for coffee. (FYI…..Cryotherapy is the process of cooling the body through rapid extreme cold air in order to obtain various health responses in the body. Since I couldn’t take an anti-inflammatory because of my biopsy, I opted for this treatment. It has been a game changer. It has kept the swelling and pain at bay allowing me to actually sleep at night. I am only doing the localized version but I have many friends that have ventured into the chamber for a three minute freeze down. They love it!) Sorry, I digress, but I did want to share that information. Moving on…..

As I was getting ready to leave, I go to the closet where my purse is located. It wasn’t there. It wasn’t anywhere in the house. Then I remembered. The day before, I had gone to meet a friend at a local coffee house. Our wires got crossed and she was unable to make it. Instead, I opted to enjoy my green tea and read a book. It was delightful. After about 45 minutes, I left to go home. Apparently, I left my purse in the process as I had hung it on the back of the chair.

My mind was spinning. Praying that it was there with all of my contents. Berating myself for not being more mindful. I pulled into the parking lot, awkwardly got out of the car with my big ass boot, and walked like Frankenstein minus the arms, to enter the coffee shop. I approached the counter and shared my dilemma with the one of the baristas. She grins and says, “Yes! Someone turned it in probably moments after you left.” She retrieved it and I looked inside. All the contents are there. See, there are people out there who aren’t assholes. Grateful.

Here is what I learned……1. I can’t put my purse on the back of my chair anymore. It is the whole “Out of sight, out of mind.” concept. 2. Some people are actually honest and good Samaritans. 3. My spouse continues to be baffled that I can go to a coffee house and enjoy it alone (He asked me when I got home….”So, you just sat there. Alone?” Yes, Brian. I like to be alone even in a public place. Does he even know me?) 4. I need to keep my car keys in my purse instead of my jacket. I would have figured out my purse was missing a lot sooner. 5. Every time I go to a place that serves coffee, I smell like stale coffee the rest of the day.

Maybe I will start wearing a fanny pack. Those never let you down. Well, aside from the fashion aspect of it, but at this point, I could give a crap how I look. The funny thing was that about thirty minutes after I retrieved my purse, I was back at the same establishment meeting a friend. The girl, who graciously returned my purse to me, looked at me curiously. I assured her that I would remember my purse this time. She didn’t appear convinced.

For more information on Cryotherapy, visit www.cryoloungeky.com.